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Dream Fairy | Outdoor Furniture

In order to provide you a distinct life style for you to stay at home easily and happily just like on vacation, we extend the delicate texture of indoor furniture out of the door, and add individuality, modernization and comfort factors for you to forget noisy world and release yourself completely in individual private space. In addition, we integrate LED technology in designing furniture, and create fashionable unique atmosphere with glitz to interleave the spontaneous sentiment of Lounge with life. ~ Dream Fairy expects to create an ideal home life with you together.

Outdoor Furniture

The internal structures in weave collection , thicker aluminum alloy pipes (1.2 mm to 1.8 mm) are used to weld internal skeleton, such that the entire structure is domain pretty stable. The surface is further treated with two primers for painting in order guarantee the quality, such that there is no rust, erosion or color fading under any climate.
For outdoor furniture of DREAM FAIRY, we use synthetic rattan formed of polymeric fiber with pretty soft handle and pigment from BASF, German. After 1,300 hours of tolerance examination under ATC professional test, it is still not easy to be broken or color faded. Moreover, the fiber itself is highly resistant to both UV ray and high temperature ambience without substance or deformation generated due to heat, such that it could be retained and could keep new under sunshine.
Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric, the trademark established as the premium quality fabric specially designed and weaved to perfectly dress your outdoor furniture Going through years of research and development, Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric has been thoughly tested and proven internationally for its reliability, strong color fastness and safety. We proudly present Sunproof® Sling, a fabric which provides incomparable performance : strong, breathable, vibrant and durable (strong tear resistance and excellent resistance to ultraviolet, rays and mold) As a proof of our commitment for healthy living, Sunproof® is Oeko-Tex certified.
For the quick dry foam recommended by Dream Fairy strongly. the structure presents network foam with open pores to maximize moisture exclusion and air circulation. It has ultra high permeability and moisture exclusion functionalities, such that only short drying is necessary for use even after torrential rain.
編帶的材質為聚酯纖維繩(Polyester ropes) 由於其各種優點而成為戶外領域中最受歡迎和最受歡迎的材料之一,不但提供優越的耐熱性,非常適合戶外使用,也具有優異的耐紫外線,所以當長期暴露在陽光下時不會發黃變色或削弱它的強度。 其中聚酯纖維繩中最特殊的一個特性就是:不受水的影響,快乾不吸水,所以儘管在潮濕的狀態下,仍然能保有它原本的強度,這也使得它非常耐黴菌,霉變,腐爛和其他有機溶劑。

LED Furniture

TRENDY GARDEN provides a series of new rechargeable LED luminous furniture to obviate the allocated ugly wires. Such innovative LED furniture is capable of remote control and various selectable emitting colors. The remote control allows you to preset desired speed or color. Alternatively, you may select a specific color for light emission. They could be used indoors and outdoors and be water resistant and sunshine resistant completely. As for cleaning, it is convenient by using alcohol. As the battery is used at the first time, please charge it fully by more than 8 hours. After that, 5 to 6 hours of charge are necessary. It may be used more than 7 to 8 hours. The material is PE environment friendly plastics.

The ultra bright RGB LED module provides persistent bright light and brings soft and romantic atmosphere. The service life of LED is over 50,000 hours.
The remote control allows you to preset desired speed and color. Alternatively, you may select a specific color for light emission. You can use them indoors and outdoors. They are water and sunshine resistant completely. Cleaning is conducted simply by alcohol.
For first time of use, the battery has to be charged above 8 hours. For the future, 5 to 6 hours are enough for charge. Available operation time is up to 7 to 8 hours for each charge.